We are dedicated to teaching you
how to fly in a fun,
safe & professional learning environment.

We teach with two clear priorities in mind; safety & professionalism. Put simply, you’re in great hands.

Light Aircraft Academy is run by experienced RAAus CFI and General Aviation flight instructor, Nicholas Christie, who has been flying for over 30 years.

Someone who understands the importance of personalised customer care in aviation training in Australia, Nicholas brings an enthusiasm and dedication to teaching the skills, airmanship and competencies required to become a safe and successful pilot, while ensuring that the customer is central to the training protocol.

Nicholas’ approach is practical, logical and always aims to ensure that, as his student, you are not just a ‘number’. Instead he ensures that you understand your progress in relation to achieving your goals!

With two locations in regional Victoria and access to onward training in General Aviation, Light Aircraft Academy offers choice and real options to continue training beyond RAAus and into General Aviation.

Don’t become a number in a system, or have promises turn to disappointment. Learn to fly the right way with clarity, consistency and confidence.

About RAAus

Formerly known as the Australian Ultralight Federation (AUF), Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) is the peak body responsible for administering ultralight, recreational and Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) operations in Australia.

RAAus aims to make flying affordable and accessible to all people aged 14 years and above.

Light Aircraft Academy is a registered Flight Training School (FTS) in accordance with the RAAus Operations Manual. We are proud to be associated with RAAus and the General Aviation industry and we remain fully committed members of all areas of the Aviation Industry in Australia including RAAus, SAAA (Sport Aircraft Association of Australia) and AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association).

We are active participants in the industry and we are motivated to be involved in the industry – by being industry focussed, interested and active in all aspects of aviation.

Importantly, we encourage our students to share the same active participation; to go on to progress to become better pilots, join organisations and groups, and learn new skills as they progress their involvement in the industry.

Meet Your Instructor

Nicholas Christie

An experienced RAAus CFI
and GA Flight instructor.